PePe Really Good for Bitcoin

I am the grand son of the super star PEPE the frog.

He has is own memecoin , on Ethereum, on Bitcoin and certainly on every chain out there !

Even i’m very proud of my grand father, the $PPRGB asset is different and has its own story : Back in December 2023 we went out on the Liquid Network with 21 Millions token , airdroped to 25 000 wallets . I would keep only a small part of the all thing as I want this project to be a real community , open, self aware , project !

And it does , it goes wherever he wants and does whatever he wants 🙂

I just propose and the community dispose !

Disclaimer : The $PPRGB project is a game in crypto , casino like project, and in no way an investment or anything that would promise to bring you back anything else than fun !
Everything written here is NOT in any way investment advices and you are certainly going to loose what you invest in $PPRGB !

Thank you

Tokenomics :

Supply : 21 000 000 ( FIXED )

Airdrop : 17 000 000
Team : 1 500 000
PePe-RGB himself : 500 000
Whales : 2 000 000

Asset ID (Liquid) : 7f07d961c654f5a5aef82d97541016f32d43b7da91ab730bde883a7d6dd6c9c7

Asset ID (RGB Bitmask registry) :